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Volunteer Services


Our Volunteer Services department strives to find meaningful, enjoyable work for our volunteers, while providing the opportunity to learn and grow as individuals and to meet and socialize with others. We thank our 400-plus wonderful volunteers for their dedication and commitment to Crouse Hospital. We have 280 active adult volunteers, 60 college student volunteers and 100 Junior Volunteers during the summer, as well as the wonder women of the Crouse Hospital Auxiliary. 

Crouse Hospital extends a sincere thank you to our 400-plus wonderful volunteers, including our hard-working Crouse Hospital Auxiliary board members, for their dedication and commitment to our patients, staff and physicians.


The numbers really help illustrate just how busy they are. From March 2011 through February 2012, our volunteers have done...
-    23,677 spiritual care visits;

-    10,571 communions;

-    8,572 patient discharges;

-    832 patient transports;

-    4.120 lab runs;

-    5,990 chart runs;

-    1,534 floral deliveries;

-    672 favors calls

and countless other wonderful tasks throughout the hospital.

In the past year, our volunteers have contributed a record amount of time to Crouse Hospital: 54,948 hours! We couldn't do it without you!